The Arabic Summer Academy is a four week intensive (Monday through Saturday) Arabic course for 50 high school students from the Boston Public Schools and other schools in the Boston area, funded under a grant from the National Security Language Initiative's STARTALK Project.

Here are five great reasons why you should apply:

1. Learning Arabic is special! Boston is one of the only school districts in the country that offers Arabic at multiple schools and during the summer. There are very few schools in the entire country that teach it right now!

2. Arabic will help you get into college! College admissions officers are always looking for students who stand out. You'll be one of only a few students in all of America who has studied Arabic. You'll stand out!

3. You'll get high school credit! After you graduate from our program, you will have completed a full year of high school Arabic. It's a great way to get a graduation requirement out of the way!

4. It’s free! There is no tuition at the Arabic Summer Academy and all of the materials you need will be supplied by the ASA. You will also receive a free T-pass to cover travel costs.

5. You'll set yourself up for great jobs. Arabic is a "critical need" language, which means that companies and the government will pay over $100,000 for your skills. Start your learning now!

Click here to apply!